Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s art. And a rabbit.

This feature is also available at the Karen 19 Gallery in Sydney, Australia  Bangor-based artist Lee Boyd in County Down, Ireland is no ordinary artist. Energetic, entertaining, conscientious, analytical and with an unknown depth I am trying to get to the bottom of, he is an enigma. Despite his bohemian, relaxed aura, there is an edge of jumpiness about him. Full of life and a true chatterbox, Lee’s honest nature, coy grin, nervous laugh and vulnerability make him instantly likeable. He is a deep thinker; a philosopher and an...


The Man Behind the Scenes: Meeting John Banville

Speaking at York University, I had the privilege of chatting to Booker-prize winning novelist John Banville at York’s Festival of Ideas 2011. The Irish novelist and screenwriter, decidedly Ireland’s cream of the crop has penned remarkable novels including The Book of Evidence and The Sea, his eighteenth novel, which won the Man Booker prize in 2005. Just this year, Banville was awarded the Franz Kafka Prize. Also a master of short stories and theatre and film, Banville is a philosopher, often occupied with the nature of perception and the conflict between imagination...