Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s art. And a rabbit.

This feature is also available at the Karen 19 Gallery in Sydney, Australia  Bangor-based artist Lee Boyd in County Down, Ireland is no ordinary artist. Energetic, entertaining, conscientious, analytical and with an unknown depth I am trying to get to the bottom of, he is an enigma. Despite his bohemian, relaxed aura, there is an edge of jumpiness about him. Full of life and a true chatterbox, Lee’s honest nature, coy grin, nervous laugh and vulnerability make him instantly likeable. He is a deep thinker; a philosopher and an...


From one Canvas to Another

Published as part of the BBC’s Show Me The Monet series on BBC 2 Between 4 and 5 million people in Britain alone immerse themselves in some kind of art, such as photography, painting and sculpture, studies have shown. It is no surprise, then, that BBC2’s Show Me The Monet show starring Charlotte Mullins, David Lee and Roy Bolton three of the world’s toughest art critics, had millions of viewers glued to their TV-sets over the past two weeks of the show’s debut. It strikes me that too many shows have...


Art is Music to the Soul

Published 16 May, 2011 at and for the BBC’s Show Me The Monet coverage Sound Artist Ashwan doing what he loves    Barcelona-based artist Ashwan made it to the final cut on BBC 2’s fortnight-long series of Show Me The Monet, which launched on Monday and is proving increasingly popular up and down the country. Facing the Hanging Committee, Ashwan was the first contestant in the series to receive yes-votes from all three judges. His piece, “Return Of The Life” was valued at £2900 I am catching up...