The Man Behind the Scenes: Meeting John Banville

Speaking at York University, I had the privilege of chatting to Booker-prize winning novelist John Banville at York’s Festival of Ideas 2011. The Irish novelist and screenwriter, decidedly Ireland’s cream of the crop has penned remarkable novels including The Book of Evidence and The Sea, his eighteenth novel, which won the Man Booker prize in 2005. Just this year, Banville was awarded the Franz Kafka Prize. Also a master of short stories and theatre and film, Banville is a philosopher, often occupied with the nature of perception and the conflict between imagination...



Hampstead-based-artist Ronnie Shahmoon was the first to feature on BBC2’s series Show Me The Monet: the BBC’s answer to Dragon’s Den but for artists. Hosted by BBC presenter Chris Hollins and judged by three of the world’s toughest art critics, the show has proved increasingly popular up and down the country. An interesting first candidate, Ronnie Shahmoon from London kick-started the show with a contemporary twist: his large artwork featuring plugs and switches may look banal on face-value, but it actually holds a pretty significant meaning. In 1999, at the age of...