Series 1. Podcast No. 1 – Welcome on board the Nippon Maru – Yokohama, Japan

Join me, Gabriella White, on board the  Nippon Maru, a remarkable vessel harboured in the port of Yokohama, Japan. I speak to the ship’s former captain Inoue San, who tells me about his life and adventures on board this ship.

Close your eyes and take a walk around the ship with me: experience the sounds, hear stories never before broadcasted and absorb the atmosphere. Let your imagination sail away with you.

Listen to Podcast No. 1 Nippon Maru-Yokohama here:


With special thanks to the Nippon Maru and to Mr W. Takeuchi for making this recording possible.

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Inoue San & Gabriella White on board the Nippon Maru


Nippon Maru in the Port of Yokohama © Gabriella White Photography


Nippon Maru - afternoon shot © Gabriella White Photography




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