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Masato Harada kicks off Tokyo`s 28th Film Festival with five films

Film Review & Interview with Japanese Film Director Masato Harada  by Gabriella White   Film Title: KAKEKOMI Synopsis WRITER-director Masato Harada`s first ever jidaigeki period film Kakekomi is based on a story by Hisashi Inoue, a classic Japanese author who also provided the source of inspiration for Harada`s award-winning “Chronicle of my Mother”. Popular actor Yo Oizumi plays the main character, Shinjiro, a trainee doctor whose ambition it is to write; Erika Toda plays Jogo, an iron-maker on the run from her abusive husband. Hikari Mitsushima is cast as...


Autobiographical Project – “The Blonde Oiran”, Kyoto, Golden Week 2015

  My photographer was the funniest woman to work with, with an Osaka-Ben that was both funny and adorable. We worked well together and did the whole shoot in Japanese, which I`m very proud of considering 2 years ago I could barely speak a word! I was also surprised that they propped my real hair up as opposed to handing me a wig. I loved this shoot compared to the last Maiko/Geiko one, as it shows me in a much more natural light. All credit to the amazing make-up...


River of Exploding Durians storms Tokyo’s 27th International Film Festival

River of Exploding Durians storms Tokyo’s 27th International Film Festival Yesterday night saw the world premiere of River of Exploding Durians, a brave Malaysian production  written and directed by young film director Edmund Yeo. The film is a trilingual wonder that uses English, Cantonese and Malaysian. Last night’s premiere was shown with Japanese and English dual-subtitles for its first showcase at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo’s hub of film and home to TIFF, Tokyo International Film Festival, which celebrates its 27th year this October. Lead actress Daphne Low of Malaysian debut explains...


March 11th 2012 – A Message to Japan

Thinking of you Japan and all you beautiful people: I will be worshipping and praying in Durham Cathedral later, thinking about, mourning and paying respect to all those affected by last year’s quakes. I am wearing a sakura and as a mark of respect I am putting the Japanese flag up today. Around the world we admire your continued strength and adversity through one of the world’s most tragic and hearbreaking catastrophes. May God bless Japan. Thank you. – Gabriella White, The Culture Cave


Welcome on board the Nippon Maru – Yokohama, Japan

Join me, Gabriella White, on board the  Nippon Maru, a remarkable vessel harboured in the port of Yokohama, Japan. I speak to the ship’s former captain Inoue San, who tells me about his life and adventures on board this ship. Close your eyes and take a walk around the ship with me: experience the sounds, hear stories never before broadcasted and absorb the atmosphere. Let your imagination sail away with you. Listen to Podcast No. 1 Nippon Maru-Yokohama here: http://soundcloud.com/theculturecave/podcast-no-1-welcome-on-board With special thanks to the Nippon Maru and to...


Suffering in silence: Hunger strikes in Japan by a generation hungry to see an end to nuclear power

Exclusive by Gabriella White Protesters in Japan at the gates of the METI (Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry) Sept. 20th 2011 TOKYO – Six months on, Japan, the world’s third largest economy is still recovering from the devastation of a disaster rated the worst Japan has seen since World War II. Ultimately, the very tectonics that formed these beautiful lands could ironically destroy the very archipelago they created: Japan has always been and always remain will a high-risk earthquake zone. Ongoing tremors are in fact normal and part...