A Touch of Orkney……Fudge Cheesecake (Orkney-Style)

The beautifully rugged landscapes of the Orkney Isles

A friend of mine, a born-and-bred Scottish lass, provided me with this golden recipe from the ruggedly beautiful place that is Orkney, an island off the north tip of Scotland. Best not to think of how many calories are contained in each slice, but it’s an irresistible treat that melts in your mouth with every heavenly bite. Fellow Fudge Fans will bask in the flavour…to be honest, she already had me at cheesecake….


250g/9 oz Hobnobs (or equivalent oat biscuits), crushed
75g/2¾ oz butter, melted
200g/7 oz Philadelphia cream cheese
300g/10 oz Orkney Fudge (or Shetland Fudge which comes in different flavours)
600 ml/1 pint double cream, lightly whipped


1) Prepare the base by combining the biscuits and butter and pressing into the base of a 24cm / 9¼ in spring form cake tin that is lightly buttered.
Beat the cream cheese until soft
2) Grate 250g / 9 oz of the fudge (food processor if possible) and tip into the cream cheese.  Combine gently – folding in slowly – with the cream
3) Chop the remaining fudge and scatter this over the base of the cheesecake.  Spoon the cream mixture over the top and cover
4) Chill for at least 6 hours before carefully decanting and serving in wedges

Tip: Drizzle with spare fudge pieces (large or small) to decorate the cake when complete. Add strawberries in summer if you’re feeling fruity. For readers overseas, Orkney and Shetland fudge can be purchased online – just google it: experiment with fudges of all flavours

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